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    We are fully equipped to handle a wide variety of facial plastic surgery treatments utilizing the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology. Our compassionate staff is honest and transparent with all our patients so you are always well-informed on what services and resources are offered.

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    • RhinoplastyCommonly known as a nose job, rhinoplasty procedures can improve the shape and size of your nose for overall balance to the face.
    • Facelift/Necklift: Facelifts or neck lifts can reduce overall signs of aging such as wrinkles, while improving the overall appearance of your face and neck.
    • Lower Eyelid/ Tear Trough ImplantsEyelid and upper cheek procedures improve the appearance of your face and add volume from the smile fold toward the lower edge of your eye socket.
    • Forehead/ Brow Lift: This involves raising the brow line to a higher position and reducing creases on your forehead, while improving upper eyelid appearance.
    • Chin/ Cheek Implants: If you struggle with your chin profile, implants can provide facial projection to improve your chin, neck and jawline shape.
    • Earlobe Reduction: Floppy or hanging earlobes may not be a confidence booster for some. Earlobe reductions can lift excess skin to correct stretching.
    • Upper Eyelid: This will reduce the hanging of full tissues near the eyelids.
    • Otoplasty: Otoplasty procedures can improve the overall look of your face by targeting the ears protruding severely from the head.
    • Earlobe Piercing Repair: If a piercing has caused a tear in your earlobe or become enlarged, we can repair the delicate tissues surrounding the area.
    • Earlobe Gauge Repair: If your earlobe with an ungauged shape, we offer both local anesthesia and sedation options depending on the extent of stretching.
    • Temple Implants: Implants fill in hollow temples and soften bony appearance.

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