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A person who undergoes a lip lift may have several goals. Fundamentally, a lip lift shortens the skin portion of the upper lip. In other words, shorten the distance between the nose and the lip. This is a very predictable result of a lip lift and occurs every single time.

A person may have a long, aging upper lip, or a genetically long lip. In addition to shortening the length, a lip lift will often cause the upper lip to roll out creating a fuller appearance in the pink lip. How much rolling out occurs can not be perfectly predicted, but most everyone gets some. There will be more rolling out of the lip when more skin is removed. Finally, you are likely to show a bit more of your upper front teeth after a lip lift. Again, the more skin that is removed, the more of this you are likely to see.

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The procedure is done most often under local anesthesia, though sedation is an option. The lip is numbed first by performing what is called a “dental block”. With only 2 injections on the under side of the lip, the lip becomes mostly numb. After that, additional shots are placed directly into the lip to ensure complete numbness. After the lip is numbed, skin is removed from immediately beneath the nose in the shape of a “bull horn” as it curves around the bottom of the noes. The incision hides very well in the crease and curves under the nose. Sutures are placed that require removal after one week. Both men and women are candidates for lip lift, but with men consideration needs to be taken regarding impact to facial hair.

Restrictions after surgery include avoiding heavy exercise and minimizing movement of the upper lip for a week or two. In other words, small bites of food, limited kissing, and avoidance of big smiles and hard laughing. After the stitches are removed, the incision will be pink. Makeup may be worn until the scar fades. Often times this takes a month or two. The scar continues to mature for about 1 year. Sometimes the scar can be further treated with dermabrasion or laser, but usually this is not needed. The procedure is not reversible.

Cost: $3,000 – $4,000

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