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First and foremost, a brow lift is performed for the purpose of having higher positioned eyebrows. Other benefits, such as improved upper eyelid appearance and permanent removal of glabellar creases (the “11’s” between the eyebrow), are secondary. If only those secondary things are desired, they should be managed through other options. Eyebrow position can either be low due to genetics or as a result of aging. Either way, a brow lift is an effective solution to manage the problem. During a brow lift, the corrugator muscle is removed, effectively giving a permanent “BOTOX®” effect. Brow lifting may be used to adjust asymmetric eyebrows and to some extent, change the shape or angle of the eyebrows. If the procedure is done poorly, excessive brow lifting may cause the “surprised” look, which is to be avoided. For men, brow lifting involves greater consideration, as even slightly too high of an eyebrow may look odd. Patients that have or may develop a receding hairline may also encounter an issue with scar placement.

Purpose: To move the eyebrows to a higher position, improve the upper eyelid appearance, and reduce or eliminate creases between the eyebrows (glabella).

Incision: At the hairline or in the hair

Cost: $5,000 – $6,000

Anesthesia: Local only (rarely chosen) or local plus IV sedation



Recovery from a brow lift can be considered in two ways. The first is regarding your appearance and the second is actually feeling healed. From an appearance standpoint, patients generally look quite normal after about a week post-surgery. Bruising and swelling are usually minimal and occurs in the eye area, not on the forehead. Numbness that accompanies this procedure usually takes about 1 year to go away. In the hairline incision approach, the first couple rows of hairs are cut and must grow back through the scar itself. The incision may also have a pink appearance for a few months. Most patients take a week off work after a brow lift and gradually return to full exercise by three weeks. Pain is not severe and is usually manageable with Tylenol, though stronger pain medication is provided.


There is a chance of infection, poor scar healing, hair loss, and failure to achieve the desired shape. The nerve that is used to activate the muscle you use to raise the eyebrows ( the temporal branch of the facial nerve) is at risk of temporary or permanent injury. Some patients may experience itching or unusual sensations in the scalp as the sensory nerves grow back; rarely as a long-term or permanent side-effect.

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