Earlobe Reduction in Austin


Before/After Earlobe Reduction

Purpose: To lift excessively long, hanging, or floppy earlobes either to correct stretching or naturally larger size. This is not the same procedure as gauged or torn earlobe repair.

Incision: Along the edge of the earlobe

Cost: $2,000 – $3,000

Anesthesia: Local

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As we get older, things inevitably begin to hang or sag, and the earlobes are no exception. This may simply happen as a result of time, or it can be caused by wearing heavy earrings. It is also not uncommon for younger people who simply have genetically large earlobes to opt for this procedure. Regardless of the reason for treatment, earlobe reduction surgery is a very successful solution.


Typically, the approach is to remove the skin along the rim of the earlobe tapering into the upper ear. Scars in this area tend to heal very well. In most cases, it becomes virtually impossible to recognize as a scar within six months. We focus on retaining fat in the earlobe so that when the skin is closed over the preserved fat, it will have more body to it, resulting in a younger-looking earlobe. If the ear has piercings, these may need to be removed, depending on the location. The ear can be re-pierced within a couple of months after surgery. The procedure may be done simultaneously with other procedures or on its own. When done exclusively, only an injection of local anesthetic is necessary. The procedure typically takes about 30 minutes.


Recovery from earlobe reduction is quite minimal. Generally, there is some redness of the earlobe area and potentially some slight bruising. Sutures will be in place for five to seven days. During that time, a light coating of ointment will need to be applied. The sutures are almost transparent in color, so they do not attract attention. Most patients are able to resume their normal lives the day after surgery. Pain is minimal and is managed by Tylenol if needed.


There is a chance of infection, poor scar, and failure to achieve the desired shape. It is also possible to use Restylane® in the earlobe following this procedure if, despite its reduced size, the earlobe is still deflated.

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