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Achieving full lips is an elusive goal for many women. There is no doubt that lips are a focal point for women, just look into any purse and chances are you’ll find several tubes of lipstick as proof of that. Lipstick, however, can only go so far before one needs to consider other options.

For temporary lip augmentation, lips can be filled with injectable fillers. Products made of hyaluronic acid are most suited for lip augmentation and include Juvederm and Restylane®. This is a lunch-time procedure taking about 5 minutes to perform and results in instant augmentation.

Bruising and swelling are possible but usually of minimal concern. Most patients have me do a “dental block” which is a nearly painless way to numb the lips so that the otherwise very sensitive lips can be treated with ease. The amount of augmentation you get is a simple matter of how much product is placed. For subtle augmentation, a half syringe is used and for a more significant size, a full syringe is used. This type of augmentation lasts several months and is reversible if you want to end the augmentation before the product dissolves naturally.

For permanent lip augmentation, my choice is a lip implant called surgisil. This implant is made of a material called silastic and has the consistency of a gummy-bear. They look natural and are not noticed by kissing partners. The implant can be felt if you grasp the lip with two fingers and squeeze, but otherwise, patients report that they forget it is there.

The surgery to place the implants takes only 15 minutes, is minimally painful, is done with you wide awake, and produces only slight swelling and bruising in the vast majority of cases. Many patients have this procedure done as a lunch-time procedure. You can choose to have this done at the same time as your consultation if you like and you will be able to drive yourself to and from the appointment. The implants can be removed or switched out for larger or smaller implants at any time in the future if so desired. The incision to place the implant is less than 1/8 inch long and is essentially inside the mouth where it can not be seen.

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