Question: I have had this deep dent under my eye starting from the very corner of my eye right down to my cheek bone, also the same effect on the sides of my nose (nasalfolds) and lip folds too. If I pull the affected areas back by pulling my skin back the defects are no longer there? Any suggestions please I would be so grateful.


The “dent” you see is called a tear-trough. It is a depression extending from the inside corner of your eye at roughly a 45 degree angle down and out. There are multiple causes of tear-trough. Primarily it is a result of what is called “negative vector” lower eyelid anatomy. This means the boney support of your upper cheek and lower rim of the eye socket are not positioned well to support the soft tissue (fat) in the area. Especially in young people with this problem, a tear-trough implant is well suited to correct the problem long term.

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