Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty

I have a very large nasal bone with no cartilage at the tip. I want it to be thinner and even my nostrils and have more of a defined shape and was curious if this was even possible with my nose being how it is. Can the nasal bone become thinner? And would a rhinoplasty make matters worse in my case and probably further complicate things?

Dr. A’s Answer:

Soft Nose Rhinoplasty

Good questions. Soft cartilage very much affects the manner in which a rhinoplasty is performed, especially when the goal is a more refined nose. Skin type is also a critical factor, but more importantly, there is much less than can be done with difficult skin types as compared to difficult cartilage. In your case, your skin type appears to be ideal. The issues with your cartilage can be overcome by using cartilage from your septum to reinforce and reshape the tip. In my hands, you should expect a nasal tip that is actually more rigid than the average nose after surgery. Regarding the wide boney base, this is quite correctable using standard rhinoplasty techniques of cutting, moving, and resetting the bones. In summary, I can’t say for certain without a full exam of your nose inside and out, but based on your description and photo, I think you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

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Dr. A