Questions: I am 20 yo and I found out that I have brachycephaly. You have no idea how this situation has been haunting my life. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to: 1. Augment my forehead; 2. Make my head more narrow in the area above my ears?

Dr A’s Answer: Of your two concerns, the forehead area is the one most treatable. A custom implant would be required to reshape your forehead, but would likely work quite well. Using your CAT scan, a virtual 3d model of your skull is made. Your surgeon and a computer graphic artist work together to fashion an implant. That implant is then 3d printed in plastic and sent to your surgeon where the two of you inspect it. Should you agree that the shape is good, the implant company will cast it into silastic. This will then be implanted. There will be a scar behind your hairline on top of your head to place the implant, probably a couple inches in size. You would certainly want to grow hair to cover that scar. You need to consider the possibility that in the future you lose your hair and can’t cover that scar. Your family history of male pattern baldness should be considered. As far as the width of your skull, that is a very challenging thing to change and I suggest you leave it alone.