Q: I hate my profile and I am interested in getting some help with my neck area. What can I do to enhance my neck area? I recently lost over 100 lbs and my face still looks fat due to my neck. I have always had no neck or chin it’s all one…I am considering either chin lipo or genioplasty.

Dr A’s Answer:

Great job losing all that weight. Sometimes when a patient has lost a great deal of weight, they have issues of “stretched-out” skin. Fortunately, it does not look like the skin in your neck has suffered this problem. On the other hand, it appears that you still retain excess fat in the neck. Fat removal from the neck is a straightforward surgical procedure which is likely to benefit you. In addition, a chin implant would improve your neckline both now and as you age. In my hands, you would do both procedures during a single surgery through a 1/2 inch incision under your chin. This surgery has a relatively mild recovery. You would have stitches under the chin that are removed in 5 days. The chin would be taped for 4 days and you would wear a bandage for one night. Bruising is typically mild and most patients look very good in a week or less, especially with a little makeup. The procedure can be done with you awake, however most people prefer to be sedated.

Best Regards,

Dr. A