Question: Wondering how to hide incisions in hairline where hair is thin, I don’t really have sideburns.

Dr A’s Answer: Good question. The answer to your question is yes. The incisions are designed to be exposed so the presence of sideburns is not necessary. This applies to both men and women. My female patients will wear their hair up or tucked behind their ear even if they have ample hair in their side burn. There are two important surgical considerations. 1) Preserve the current height of the hair line in front of the ear. Many surgeons will move the skin on the side of the face up, this moves what side burn you have up, and if you don’t have much, you end up with even less sideburn and more or less bald in front of the top of your ear and 2) Don’t turn the incision in front of the hairline in the temple. Many surgeons will do this to preserve the hairline in that area, but it often backfires as the scar in this location can sometimes be very obvious.