Question: I booked a private consultation with an orthodontist, they said I have an average overbite, and apparently this isn’t something that needs correcting. I am getting braces however to fix a cross bite, but I never noticed my profile view until recently, and I’m really shocked by it, my nose seems to have grown, its only 4.5cm but it sticks out equal to the length almost, and I don’t know if I have a weak chin, , it is just small, I’m 22 will it grow anymore? I feel I look really young from the side.

Dr A’s Answer: Would changing your chin and nose make you happy? I have looked at your photographs and don’t see any obvious proportionality issues in your face. Your chin is a touch on the weak side and your nose is a touch broad. If subtle changes to these would satisfy you, then it is worth considering. However, from what you have written, it doesn’t sound to me like you have any great conviction on these issues and I therefore doubt you would be happier if you did the surgery. I suggest you visit with a couple surgeons and then let the issue rest for a few months. Then come back to it and see how you feel.