I’ve been wondering how extensive Rhinoplasty would be to shorten my nose without (if possible) changing the overall shape or angle of the nose. Thank you for your help!

Dr. A’s Answer:
Looking at your photographs, I think you can certainly achieve what you are looking for.

First, however, we need to clear up what “length” means in nose talk. If you put a tape measure at the top of the nose where it ends between your eyes, and measured down to the tip, that would be length. Length is a result of how turned up or turned down you nose is and how long your face is from top to bottom.

I think what you probably want to say is, can the “projection” of my nose be changed. If you were to walk through a doorway, projection would be how much sooner the tip of your nose enters the next room as compared to the rest of your face. In other words, how far out-in-front is the tip of your nose as compared to your upper lip.

The short answer to your question is “yes”. The projection can be reduced and the dorsum (ridge) can be reduced in a similar fashion to maintain the overall proportions of your nose. It just won’t “stick-out” so far.