I was recently told that injecting botox will relax eyebrows enough to flatten the high arches and bring them down to a more rested position. as if to lower them. how many would it take to do so? is it more or less than the amount it takes to bring up an arch?

Dr A’s Answer:
This can only be determined by an exam since forehead muscles can differ a lot from person to person. In a male with a strong forehead, it could take a lot more Botox than 4 to 12 units. It may also be that no amount of Botox lowers your brows to the level you desire. To some extent, there will be trial and error adjustments. Based on years of experience, I would expect needing a minimum of 20 units to get noticalbe lowering in a typical male and perhaps more than 30. You can always start with a smaller amount of Botox and add more every few days until the desired result is achieved. To this end, I would suggest using Dysport since the results are usually seen in 24 hours whereas Botox is often 3 or 4 days.