These are the procedures I would like done:

Nose and chin .. Liposuction under chin and bump removed on nose

Dr. A’s Answer:

Malignant Hyperthermia and Elective Surgery

There are certain drugs that cause MH, specifically inhalational anesthetics (the sleeping gasses), and depolarizing muscle relaxants. Some gasses are much less likely than others to trigger it, but if you have the MH gene, you should just avoid all of them. It is very possible to do the surgery you want avoiding all triggering agents. In fact I do all of my surgery avoiding these trigger agents. IV anesthesia with a combination of drugs including propofol, ketamine, versed, and fentanyl is my standard technique. You should avoid being intubated (breathing tube in the lungs) and connected to a machine since any traces of gas in the machine from other users might still be present. If you are connected to a machine, it needs to be a specially set aside machine that is only used on MH patients and has never had any triggering agents loaded into it. Using the drug combination I mentioned renders patients completely asleep for the surgery, but they continue to breath under their own power without a tube. Also consider doing the procedure with just oral pills to relax you and local anesthesia. The neck can certainly be done this way, the nose requires a person with a little bit more courage.