Look at my picture, can you see my eyelid is drooping…I would like this raised. Can this be done with a injection of Botox? I don’t want to have a eyelid lift. Where would you inject and how many units do I need?

Dr. A’s Answer:
Botulinum products (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) can be used to create a subtle brow lift and thus a subtle eyelid lift. Treating the muscles that pull downward on the brow will relax them and allow for a slight shift upward for some people. This affect is not consistent from one person to the next. It typically produces only a subtle lift but I have seen some people get significant lifts. One should be careful not to produce “joker” eyebrows doing this as it is very unnatural and I see many injectors do this somehow thinking it looks good.

The two main muscles that pull down on the eyebrows are the outside portion of the orbicularis occuli muscle (crows feet area) and the corrugator muscle (between the eyebrows). Treating the frontalis (forehead) muscle can help shape the result.

In the end, however, you really are better off having an eyelid lift if that is the main effect you are trying to achieve. Using Botox exclusively for this purpose is a very inefficient use of your time and money.