I am 32 year old and I had a bell’s palsy around 15 years ago and still I have left with a few residual drooping in my left eye and eyebrow especially in cold weather. I want to have botox for cosmetic purpose in order to treatment my frown line, I want to know is botox injection risky for my face or not? Could it cause my problem to come back again? Is there another treatment for it?

Dr. A’s Answer:
Not only is the use of Botox or Dysport OK for someone who has had Bell’s Palsy, it is a very effective tool to help someone who’s Bell’s Palsy is currently active or if it never fully resolved.

For the patient who has never fully recovered from Bell’s Palsy or who currently is in the midst of the condition, botulinum toxin products can be used on the “good” side to balance muscles and produce better facial symmetry. Also, people whose nerves recovered from Bell’s Palsy incorrectly can use Botox to control improper muscle activity on the “bad” side. Things like spasms and “bulk” motion of your face can be permanent complications of having had Bell’s Palsy and Botox is the best tool available to treat these problems. After Bell’s Palsy, some patients can’t separately control different parts of the face. For example, smiling may cause the eye to close. Botox can improve this condition.

If you have had Bell’s Palsy and are fully recovered, the fact that you have had Bell’s Palsy in the past should not affect your current use of Botox.