I have quite a noticeable hollow in the lateral area of my left eye when I smile…it is though the muscle does not come up high enough. I also have hollows in the temple area bilaterally after a mid face lift (redraping of obicularis) Can Restylane be used here?

Dr. A’s Answer:
Restylane works very well around the eyes, especially the lower eyelids. It fills hollows or what is often called a “tear-trough”.

You say that the hollow is only present when smiling. This may not be something that you can use Restylane to correct. Restylane will be present at all times, so if the depression is only there when you are smiling, Restylane may create too much fullness when you are not smiling.

Botox or Dysport may be helpful since your problem is related to muscle activity.

You can use Restylane in the temples, but I prefer Radiesse in that area.