Tear Trough Implants

What is Tear Trough Surgery?

Aging is inevitable, but thanks to technology and cutting edge plastic surgery procedures, we have more options than ever to improve our appearance. Many people may experience notable changes in the facial skeleton as they age. These changes can cause the eye socket to recede and get bigger, thus increasing tear trough, under-eye bags, and a hanging cheek appearance. Thanks to tear trough implants, these problems can be corrected. Here’s what you can expect from tear trough surgery.

What Causes Tear Trough?

Tear trough is the hollow groove under the eyes that divides the lower eyelid from the cheek and can give the appearance of under-eye bags and droopy cheeks. The primary cause of tear trough deformity is insufficient bony tissue in the undereye area. Insufficient bone can be due to genetics and age.

How A Tear Trough Deformity Is Corrected

Tear trough implants simulate your natural bone structure, and therefore can be a better option to correct a tear trough deformity over fillers. Tear trough implants fill the hollow groove giving you a healthier, younger look. They also produce a fuller upper cheek, giving you a happier appearance when your face is resting.

Tear Trough Implants vs. Fillers

The following are reasons to consider tear trough implants over fillers:

  • Implants can correct far greater degrees of tear trough than soft tissue fillers.
  • Implants are permanent and stable over time, unlike fat injections which can be challenging to predict whether or not they will “take.”
  • Implants are readily removable if one wants to return to their previous appearance. Fat injections (should the fat “take”) are only somewhat reversible and with much greater difficulty and less predictability.
  • Implants do not “bunch-up” when smiling like soft tissue fillers do (especially when more significant amounts are needed).
  • Implants are not obviously visible; the only way to detect tear trough implants is through comparing pre-treatment photos and can’t be noticed by visual or touch exams.
  • Implants leave no visible scar since the implant is placed from an incision on the backside of the eyelid.

Are There Risks Involved with Tear Trough Surgery?

Tear-trough implant surgery poses no risk of arterial embolization, a severe (but rare) complication of injections. Arterial embolization can result in blindness, stroke, or serious damage to the skin and other tissues of the face.

What Does Tear Trough Surgery Cost?

The cost of implants is similar to fat injections, while the cost of fillers like Restylane varies and depends on quantity.

Here is a cost comparison between fat injections and tear trough implant surgery:

  • 2 cc’s of filler typically costs $1,200 and some people may need 2cc’s, up to 5 cc’s to fill their tear trough. ( We charge $600 per 1cc syringe)
  • Filler will need to be repeated every 1 to 2 years.
  • Tear trough implants are a one time cost and lasts a lifetime.
  • Tear trough implants plus surgeon fees would cost around $5,000

Restylane and similar fillers are only suitable for milder cases of tear troughs. For more information about the cost of tear trough surgery for your particular case, call for a consultation with Dr. Apostolakis.

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