Question: Sliding genioplasty: am I a candidate? I refuse jaw surgery but want to improve my profile.

I have a ~7 mm overbite & narrow arch. I would like to improve my profile with genioplasty (uncomfortable jaw surgery). My mouth is open when relaxed (pic 1), and I’d like to advance my chin (pic 2 – lips closed). Pic 3 is pushing my lower jaw as far forward as possible. Will sliding genioplasty advance my chin in an aesthetically pleasing way, or will it create an over pronounced labiomental fold? Will it help close my lips when relaxed? Will it add definition to my jaws? Thank you.

DrA’s Answer:

Chin implant surgery is in my mind much preferred to sliding genioplasty. Chin Implant offers far more options regarding width, projection, and contour. It is also far less invasive and can be done through an incision that is only 1/4 inch long. Chin implants can also be removed quite easily or changed for a different size. Though the ease of removal or changing out becomes more difficult if not done within the first year or so.

Certainly you have a chin which would benefit from more projection. Your concern regarding the sub-labial crease is valid, however. The more chin projection you add, the more of an issue this could be. I suggest a medium amount of projection, which will very much improve your profile without making the sub-labial crease too deep.