Q: I have an uneven hairline. Always had. I dislike it A LOT since I do makeup videos, it doesn’t help me look clean and Doesn’t make me look my best. I feel like I look messy. I feel like I have an M in the middle of my forehead, making my forehead look small. What can I do about it?

Forehead Reduction Hairline Issues

Dr A’s Answer: There are two approaches possible. Move the central hair down or move the side hair up. Also, you need to consider whether you want to keep your widows peak. Moving the hairline down involves surgery where the skin at the top of the forehead, right at the hairline, is removed and the hair is brought down. This is sort of a upside down browlift. A special type of incision is used, called a trichophytic incision, that makes the scar blend into the first row of hairs. Moving the hairline up at the sides involves either shaving, plucking, or for a permanent change having electrolysis. You may choose to have some of both, which is what I think would look best, at least based on these photos. When removing hair, you have to consider the type of hair. The first rows of hair are often finer and removing them may result in the new first row of hairs being more coarse. This may or may not be an issue with you, only a close examination and a discussion regarding your own ideas on what looks good can answer that.