Question: I have more skin above my right eye and it causes my right eyebrow to droop more than the left. It causes pressure on my right eye and amplifies my bone to make it look like a lump. I don’t mind having a scar. Should I try Botox to raise the brow?

Dr. A’s Answer: Generally speaking, you need to be careful doing browlifts on men. The fact is that men normally have lower brow position and it can look odd if it ends up being at all too high. Also, there is the issue with scars and questionable future hair coverage as male baldness may set in.

Specific to your case, from these photos, it appears that both of your brows are quite low. The midforehead lift as previously mentioned has its place, and perhaps you are that person. This type of lift can actually be superior when it comes to correcting asymmetry such as yours. I would suggest raising both brows, just one more than the other. You have a prominent crease in your forehead already, I would suggest removing that crease and the skin around it to accomplish the lift. In this fashion, you will remove that crease and put a scar in its place, which oftentimes heals to look like a crease. This “crease” may actually be less visible than the current crease. The prominent ridge of bone you have is not easily addressed. It may be less obvious with a higher eyebrow, but the bulge you see is almost certainly the “bubble” of bone that contains your frontal sinus. This is not something to be messed with.

Best Regards,

Dr. A

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