Did you know there are two distinct types of plastic surgeons? From facelifts to breast augmentation, plastic surgery gives thousands of people an appearance they feel happier with. Many people don’t realize that all plastic surgery is not the same, or that different procedures require different surgeons. To learn what sets a facial plastic surgeon apart from a general plastic surgeon, keep reading.

What Is a Facial Plastic Surgeon?

A facial plastic surgeon is a surgeon who focuses primarily on cosmetic procedures of the face and neck. This can include the following and more:

A facial plastic surgeon’s primary goal is to enhance the natural structure of the face in a way that is not overdone or exaggerated. They strive to correct any congenital abnormalities while accentuating certain facial features that are desirable. 

A large portion of facial plastic surgery is dedicated to combating age-related changes like sagging skin or wrinkles. The aim is to create a facial appearance that best suits each patient and helps them feel like an improved version of themselves. 

A facial plastic surgeon may also offer non-surgical procedures that can enhance your appearance in less invasive ways. This includes minimally invasive options like Botox injections and facial fillers like Restylane. These treatments allow you to make changes to your appearance without surgical intervention.

To specialize in facial plastic surgery, a candidate must complete four years in medical school and five years in a Head and Neck Surgical Residency followed by a Fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery. They must also pass the certification exam from the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

What Is General Plastic Surgery?

A general plastic surgeon is a surgeon who performs a wide variety of cosmetic procedures on both the face and body, including: 

This type of surgeon can correct congenital abnormalities that were present at birth or imperfections that have been acquired throughout life. This includes injuries, changes to the body after childbirth, and age-related changes.

The requirements to specialize in general plastic surgery are very similar to those for facial plastic surgery but the time is divided over the whole body.  

Should You See a General Surgeon or Facial Surgeon?

Are you interested in plastic surgery but unsure what type of surgeon you would need? This all depends on what area of the body you’re looking to enhance. To increase your bust size or remove loose skin from your stomach, you will need the help of a general plastic surgeon. 

People who want to improve their facial appearance can look to either a general plastic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon since they provide both face and body treatments. However, choosing a facial plastic surgeon is probably the wiser decision. A facial plastic surgeon brings unique expertise to facial procedures like rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and more.

Facial Plastic Surgery with Dr. Apo

Have signs of aging or abnormalities in your appearance led to feelings of unhappiness? Facial plastic surgery could help resolve your concerns and create an appearance you feel proud to show off. 

Dr. Apo is a leading provider of facial plastic surgery in Austin, TX. His procedures include popular aesthetic treatments like rhinoplasty, otoplasty, face lifts, neck lifts, and more. Contact us online or call our office to get your plastic surgery transformation started!