Having facial plastic surgery can help you alter your appearance so that it aligns more closely with your aesthetic goals. While all plastic surgical procedures can change the way you look, you’ll see a more significant transformation when you have multiple surgeries combined in one procedure. 

When it comes to facial procedures, many different surgical combinations can be used to achieve your desired outcome. Find out which treatments your facial plastic surgeon can combine in the guide below.

Combining procedures is very common and offers the advantage of a single healing time versus multiple separate healing times.  Often times two procedures done together will heal just as fast as either alone.  Depending on the combination, it may be that combining procedures takes longer than any of them by themselves, however, it will still be less total time than doing them all separate.

When it comes to age related procedures such as upper and lower eyelids, face and neck lifting, brow lifting, and laser resurfacing, doing multiple procedures together is the rule rather than the exception.  The limiting factor is typically duration not the specific procedures as most any combination can be performed.  Combinations will vary depending on your needs and desires. 


Facelifts and neck lifts are two procedures designed to address age-related changes. If you have moderate to severe volume loss that has caused your skin to sag downwards, a face and neck lift combination may be a great option for you.

During facelift surgery, the skin along your cheeks, eyes, and jawline is lifted upward to create a tighter, smoother appearance. Dr. Apo can perform a neck lift at the same time to lift and tighten the skin on your neck, creating a more youthful look overall.


If you struggle with sagging skin around the eyes and eyebrows, you may benefit from a combined eyelid and brow lift. Also known as blepharoplasty, an eyelid lift removes excess skin from around the eyes and repositions the remaining skin to be tighter. This gives the eyes a more open, youthful expression. 

At the same time as your eyelid lift, Dr. Apo can perform a brow lift procedure. A brow lift is designed to smooth deep forehead creases by lifting and tightening the skin above and around the eyebrows.


Tear-trough implants can also be combined with upper eyelid surgery. The implants use silastic material to add volume to the upper portion of the cheek. This can resolve age-related volume loss that has created an aged appearance.  The combination of the two surgeries can give the patient bright, alert and more youthful looking eyes.


Many people who have the appearance of a prominent nose seek a rhinoplasty.  Many ties, a weak chin will cause the nose to appear even more prominent.  Dr. Apo commonly addresses both of these issues at a single time by performing a rhinoplasty and chin implant at the same time.  


Two more types of facial plastic surgery that can be combined are otoplasty and earlobe repair. Also known as “ear pinning,” an otoplasty repositions bone and cartilage to bring prominent ears closer to the side of the skull. 

At the same time, you can have earlobe repair. Earlobe repairs remove and reposition cartilage to address stretching, tears, and other earlobe concerns.


Do you want to make a major change to the way you look? Dr. Apo is a facial plastic surgeon who provides a range of procedures for people throughout Austin, TX. This includes combination procedures, such as facelift with neck lift and otoplasty with earlobe repair. 

Dr. Apo will assess your facial structure and carefully consider your cosmetic wishes to design a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs. To begin your plastic surgery journey, contact us online or by phone today.