Temple Implants vs. Injectable Fillers

Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Aging is unavoidable, but thanks to cutting edge technology in plastic surgery procedures, we now have ways to correct the most stubborn problems associated with aging. One common problem that many patients want to correct is the hollowing of the temples. Hollow temples often give an aged, skeletal look to the face. Both temple implants and injectable fillers can be solutions to an unhealthy appearance. Knowing which procedure is right for you can help make your decision easier.

What are The Benefits of Temple Implants?

Temple implants are one of the top plastic surgery procedures that can help you look younger. Here are some reasons to consider temple implants over injectable fillers:

  • Temple implants look natural and cannot be detected visually or by touching. Patients will be able to see the results through before and after pictures.
  • Temple implants are more cost-effective than injectable fillers. For example, filler treatments can cost over $2,000 and requires yearly injections. Permanent temple implants cost approximately $4,500.
  • Temple implants are performed under local anesthesia and do not cause bruising or visible scarring.
  • Temple implants are safe and do not pose a risk of arterial embolization — a rare complication of injections that can cause blindness, stroke, damage to the skin, and other facial tissues.
  • Temple implants can be removed if a patient desires to return to their prior appearance.

When Should I use Injectable Fillers?

Though you may not be a candidate for temple implants, you may benefit from non-surgical injectable fillers. However, educating yourself before deciding to have any facial procedure done is vital for communication with your plastic surgeon. An experienced plastic surgeon will examine and consult you on the best way to approach correcting your beauty concerns.

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