I feel that my radix area is very low giving my nose a very small angle. But I am not sure if there is any hump in my nose. What can be done to make this better? Please suggest. Would radix filler or grafts be a good choice?

Dr A’s Answer:
Great question. I think you largely answered your own question when you said “I feel that”. This is entirely a personal choice based on your opinion of a pleasing shape. I suggest visiting with a plastic surgeon who can graphically simulate various changes to your nose so you can fully appreciate how the changes affect your appearance. Filling a low radix will soften a humped appearance and also softens a strong brow ridge. In your case, you have a modestly deep radix so filling it is a very reasonable approach. An over-filled radix has downsides as it makes a nose look too long and like it is growing off your forehead. However, with your current radix position, I see little risk of that.