Dr A’s Answer:
Great question. First off, you do have a dorsal hump. The hump can look very different from different angles. A perfect profile photo will see the true dorsal hump. However, anything less than perfect profile photo and the width of the nose will also contribute to the appearance (or lack there of) of a hump. For example, if your nose flares out slightly in width, and you look at your nose from 3/4 view, this flared section will have the appearance of a hump. The 3d details of every nose are unique so the exact nature of the appearance of your nose from any given angle is going to be unique to you.

I would not agree with the assessment of a low radix, however. The radix is what rhinoplasty surgeons call the area separating the forehead and the nose and more or less sitting between the eyes. Your radix is currently barely lower than your forehead. If it were filled, your nose would look like it were growing off your forehead.

A dorsal hump such as yours is very correctable with a rhinoplasty.