My parenthesis are noticeable and definitely age me, how much of a reduction can I expect by having this procedure done?

Dr. A’s Answer:
Juvederm, as well as Restylane, are excellent products for filling smile creases like yours or even ones that are much worse. The hyaluronic acid that makes up Juvederm is a natural skin component and is very safe. It is a simple 5-minute procedure and you can expect at least 6 months of results, but often times improvements last well over a year. In fact, new studies have shown that filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid causes collagen remodeling which doesn’t just camouflage the wrinkle, but rather, actually fixes it. I have seen this many many times on patients who I see regularly for years as we repeat their Botox but continue to be pleased with the Juvederm result. Most patients need one syringe of product per smile line, but mild cases can use a single syringe and more severe ones need three. You should expect some mild bruising for a few days after the treatment that typically will cover with makeup.