I have my two somewhat oversized earlobes and im wondering how much would a procedure to just cut the earlobes to make them small would cost.. i had in mind it would be inexpensive since it is only earlobe reduction .. would there be any permanent scars? How long does it take to heal or until i can take the bandages off? Thank you very much.

Dr. A’s Answer:
Earlobe reduction surgery is a regular part of my practice. There are different approaches depending on what type of earlobe you have, past piercings, and what it is you would like to end up with. Cost is usually around $1000 for both earlobes. While it is possible to have issues with poor scarring, this is quite unusual in the earlobe. If you have piercings in your ears and they didn’t form unsightly scars or create pigment problems, probably earlobe reduction won’t either.