Earlobe Piercing Repair

Earlobe Piercing Repair in Austin

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Purpose: To repair piercings that have torn through or become enlarged.

Incision: Within the earlobe (enlarged) or through the edge of the earlobe (torn).

Cost: $*

Anesthesia: Local

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Earlobes are rather delicate structures, which means hanging jewelry from them can sometimes be more than they can handle. Generally, the stretching or tearing of a piercing is a slow process, but in some cases, it can be a quick event from an earring catching on something.


There are two approaches we can take depending on the type of earlobe damage. In a torn earlobe or one that is very nearly torn all the way through, a “wedge” of tissue is removed and the two remaining sides are sutured together. If the piercing is enlarged, then a “core” of tissue is removed and the edges are sewn together. Both procedures are done under local anesthesia and take about 20 minutes. It can be combined with other procedures. The earlobes may be re-pierced about 2 months after the procedure. Placing Restylane® in the earlobe once healed is popular for those who prefer a plumper, more turgid earlobe. This may also help your earrings to sit in a more desirable way.

Earlobe Photos


Recovery from earlobe repair is quite minimal. Generally, there is some redness of the earlobe area and potentially some slight bruising. Sutures will dissolve on their own after about one week. During that time, a light coating of ointment will need to be applied. The sutures are almost transparent in color, so they don’t attract much attention. Most people resume their normal daily activities the day after surgery. Pain is minimal and can be managed by Tylenol if needed.


There is a chance of infection, poor scar, and failure to achieve the desired shape.


  • $ = less than $2,000
  • $$ = $2,000 – $4,000
  • $$$ = $4,000 – $8,000
  • $$$$ = more than $8,000

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