Planning a facial plastic surgery can be complex, requiring the careful scheduling of events, work, and family responsibilities. Many people assume getting the surgery during the summer is best, but facial plastic surgeons often recommend scheduling it for the winter. But why? Find out the benefits of planning this type of procedure in winter. 


After facial plastic surgery, your skin is very sensitive. The sun can cause extensive damage if you spend a lot of time within its direct rays — but that’s not a worry in the winter. 

Strong UV rays hinder the recovery process, slowing down your healing and putting you at risk of developing complications. Planning your surgery for the months when the sun is not at its strongest and when you spend most of your time indoors is an excellent option. 


During the winter, you can hide any bruising or swelling after a facial plastic surgery procedure under scarves, hats, and even ear muffs. It’s difficult to hide the healing process in the warmer months when covering up with a scarf would call attention to yourself. 

Even the clothing you wear in the winter can be more comfortable to slip on, especially if you opt for cardigans and soft sweaters with wide necks. 


If you get your surgery during the winter, you’ll be ready for when the weather warms up. No one wants to spend the sunny vacation months indoors healing from a procedure, so going for it a few months before gives you the recovery time you need without having to forgo any of the fun activities you may have planned during your vacation time. 


Because getting facial surgery in the winter is still not something that most people do, Dr. Apo probably has a schedule that is much more open at that time. Instead of having to struggle to find availability as everyone rushes to get procedures in the spring or early summer, you are able to choose what works best for you during the winter. 


A winter vacation is usually more relaxed than a summer one. You can take the time to recover without feeling that you’re missing out. 

Another important benefit that you may have if you schedule the surgery during a winter break is the chance to have family helping you as you recover. People are more likely to travel to be with loved ones for the holiday season than during the summer, so you can have the support you need. 


Experiencing some swelling is normal after a surgical procedure. Heat and humidity tend to make swelling worse, while the cold weather helps reduce some of the inflammation. Just as putting ice on an injury is able to help, so can cold weather. 

Another important benefit that the cold weather offers is decreased sweating. Sweating has the potential to introduce bacteria and moisture to the surgical site, which might lead to complications like infections.


If you’re planning on getting any type of facial surgery, consider scheduling it for the winter months. Not only will you be able to help yourself heal more easily by avoiding UV rays and heat, but you will also be giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for summer. 

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