Both men and women look to chin implants to enhance their facial profiles and build up a weak or recessed chin. The benefits of a chin implant will vary, depending on each person’s aesthetic goals, but the main goal is generally a stronger jawline.

Enhancing the appearance of the chin and jawline with a chin implant can improve the appearance of other facial features as well. For example, a more pronounced chin can create a lifted appearance in the neck and make the nose look smaller. 

Patients can also schedule additional procedures along with a chin implant to maximize this surgery’s aesthetic effects, including:

All of these procedures aim to create a more sculpted, chiseled facial appearance. 

There are several options and sizes of implants for patients to consider. Some chin implants can create subtle changes to a person’s appearance, making the chin appear to be more contoured, while others add width to the chin. While some implants are designed to smooth the jowls, most are used only to increase the projection of the chin.


Chin implant surgery, formally known as genioplasty, involves placing an implant around a patient’s existing chin bone. This permanent solution aims to create a natural-looking, attractive balance in the patient’s facial features. 

The procedure is usually an outpatient surgery performed by a qualified surgeon. Typically, patients are given the choice of two surgical approaches for their procedure; which approach is more appropriate will depend on their needs and specific situation.


The first option involves an incision underneath the chin through which an implant is placed, and the second option is an incision on the back side of the lip. The incision is smaller than half an inch for both options, and both surgeries generally take about 30 minutes.

The main benefit of placing the incision under the chin is that there is typically a quicker return to a normal appearance. However, the advantage of choosing an incision on the back side of the lip is that there is no visible mark on the outside of the body.


Patients can choose an anesthesia option that they will feel confident in. Typically, they have two choices: local anesthesia only or IV sedation. With local anesthesia, patients can enjoy minimal time spent in the office, whether they use local anesthesia alone or along with a sedative pill.

When patients choose local anesthesia, they can also expect to be awake and aware enough to view the different sizes of implant test fittings with a mirror before the final procedure begins. 

Patients who choose IV sedation will be unconscious during the procedure and can expect a completely comfortable experience during their chin implant surgery.


Many people want a chin implant to correct their recessed chin. However, that is not the only reason to consider this surgery. In addition to correcting a recessed or weak chin, many patients want to address the following concerns:

  • Smooth, reduce, or improve the appearance of a double or overly full chin when caused by an overly small chin bone.
  • Improve overall facial appearance by bringing the chin into an attractive proportion with other facial features.
  • Improve the jawline and neck definition.

The small devices used for these implants are made from a material that is biocompatible with the patient’s tissue, typically silicone rubber known as silastic. This is the same material that is used in the outer shells of breast implants and pacemaker wires.  This is a solid material and can be trimmed to customize the implant.  

Silastic is a well-tolerated material that has been used in medical settings for decades. It is hypoallergenic and strong and cannot leak (it is solid rubber), or break. Chin implants are designed to stand the test of time and do not need to be replaced, though they are removable.  The implant is secured in place by your body which forms a “shrink wrap” like capsule around the implant.  No screws are needed.


The recovery time following a chin implant procedure is generally much shorter and easier than many expect. Patients should be able to go back to all non-strenuous activities within seven days. Strenuous activity can be resumed within a month following the procedure. 

Remember that every patient is unique, however, and a patient’s recovery period largely depends on which type of incision was chosen for their procedure.

Many patients choose the back side of the lip for the incision area. While no outwardly visible scar is produced, these delicate tissues can take longer to heal completely. But while an incision placed under the chin may be outwardly visible, it will usually heal much faster.

Another reason people are so interested in chin implants is the quick recovery and short downtime. 

With either type of incision, the chin will be taped up for a few days to allow for quick healing. You will need to sleep face-up with your head elevated for one to two weeks following your procedure. This will protect your incision and speed up the healing process.

You will be able to drive the day that follows your procedure if you were IV sedated, as long as you are not taking certain types of medications. Patients who do the procedure under local anesthesia only can drive themselves home from the procedure.  If the chin tape is not a problem for you, you can also return to work as soon as one day after your surgery. 

When you have a chin implant procedure, it’s important that you avoid activities that could impact your chin for a few months. For example, avoid activities that require you to use gear that includes a chin strap until your doctor clears you for that activity.

When chin implants are inserted and the recovery period passes, the implant will feel very much like a natural bone, and your more defined chin should look just like the real thing. No one will be able to tell you have had an implant. 

After about three months have passed and any residual swelling has subsided, chin implant results are considered final. Since the implants are very durable and strong, you can expect attractive results that should last a lifetime.


Enhancing your facial profile has never been easier than with chin implants. As a simple outpatient procedure with minimal downtime, chin implant surgery can make a dramatic difference for men and women. 

With natural-looking, long-lasting results, a quick procedure time, simple recovery, and minimal or no visible scarring, it’s no wonder that so many people consider and choose chin implants. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to our friendly team today for a consultation.