The entire team here at the office of Dr. Apostolakis assures you that we have heightened all of our precautionary standards and procedures to maximum levels to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients as we learn more about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) during this uncertain time. Currently available methods of slowing and ultimately stopping the spread of this virus include limiting person-to-person contact, and following best practices when contact is needed.


Please stay at home and use our remote “visits”:

  •  If you feel ill
  •  If you have been in a high-risk situation or location
  • If you have underlying medical conditions
  • If you would be more comfortable with a remote visit

As has always been my policy, remote patient “visits” will continue to be offered, but we are hereby making it more widely known and practiced.

*All new and established patients may choose to “visit” remotely if the visit does not require a treatment.

Available options include:

*Please also email photographs to illustrate the subject of the “visit”.

My practice nearly always runs On-Time. This limits person-to-person contact in waiting rooms.  We will now be especially mindful of limiting waiting room contact. Feel free to call from your car upon arrival to inquire on our ability to room you immediately.


Practices That have Always Been in Place:

  • MERV 16 Air Filtration of the entire office and OR area
  • Cavi-Wipe Cleanup of Treatment Areas Between Patients
  • Hand Sanitizing and Gloves
  • Staff who show signs of illness are sent or told to stay home
  • AAAASF and State of Texas Protocols Followed

New Practices

  • Cavi-Wipe Cleanup of Non-Treatment Items/Areas Such as door handles, reception chairs, reception counters, etc, throughout the day.
  • Shaking hands with patients will be stopped
  • Staff with even the most mild and ambiguous signs of illness will be asked to stay home.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to assist you in any way. Thank you for understanding and please be safe.

The Office of Dr. Apostolakis