I have had TMJ on that side but have never noticed the droopiness before.

Looking slightly down

levator ptosis of the eyelid - looking slightly down


levator ptosis of the eyelid - smiling

Looking Straight

levator ptosis of the eyelid - looking straight

Question: 26 yo. Recently noticed right eyelid is extra droopy. Makes me wonder if I have lazy eye or something. Help?

Dr. A’s Answer: You appear to have levator ptosis of the eyelid. This means that the muscle that opens your right eye is not firmly attached to the eyelid itself. This can be age-related or congenital. There are a couple of different surgeries that can correct this condition. Often in a younger person like yourself, the approach from the backside of the eyelid is used since no skin needs removal. Making a skin incision has a higher success rate and may be needed if the other approach fails. Of course, you will need a proper examination since there are some more serious but rare conditions that must be ruled out.


Dr. A