Question: I had tear duct fillers done and she only did a small line close to the center of my eye, I noticed the same treatment being done on a video shared on here but he did a lot more injections. Here under eye looked very smooth and even. I can still see the line very visibly though it has only been three days since injection. I was told laser treatments but I thought this is what Botox was all about, smoothing unwanted wrinkles and lines. It almost seems to me the filler accentuated the puffy baggy under eye.


Dr. A’s Answer: Very good question. Fillers and Botox are not for the crepe skin issue you describe. Botox has only very limited use in the lower eyelid and fillers are used for volume correction . . .to fill hollows. The crepe skin issue is treated with either laser or chemical resurfacing. Just to be complete, surgery also is not for the crepe skin.