I have noticed a lot of extra skin on my upper eyelids. It really bothers me because it makes my eyes look old/wrinkled. I have searched the internet and no one my age seems to have the same problem. They did not always look like this. I think allergies, which cause me to scratch my eyes a lot, have loosened the skin around my eyelid. Would a blepharoplasty fix this? Is it worth getting at my age? Is there another solution? This is something that bothers me every time I look in the mirror, help!

Dr A’s Answer:
It would be my opinion that you should leave it alone for at least a few more years. You really have very pretty eyes as is.

But to be complete, indeed you have a small fold of skin in your upper eyelids. An upper blepharoplasty would likely eliminate that, however, you will then have a scar. While upper eyelid scars do very well, it is unlikely to be completely invisible. In such a young person with otherwise blemish free skin, you may find that even an almost invisible scar is visible enough to be problematic. This may or may not bother you. If you wear makeup everyday, then you may not care.