Question (continued):Makeup can only cover so much. Is there any of natural process I may be missing Which would be better for my condition? Thank-you in advance

Dr A’s Answer: Tear troughs in young people are actually very common. Older people with tear troughs are the ones who had the bone structure for it even when they were young, but were able to “pull it off” because of the fact that they otherwise had the benefits of youth. Tear-troughs look like dark circles for two main reasons. One is that the skin in that area often times is dark colored. Makeup will for the most part be the answer to this issue. The other is that a tear-trough (a valley under the eye) will catch a shadow in most lighting. Makeup can’t fix that. Temporary options for this include injectable fillers under the eyes like Restylane. This can be quite effective for minor tear-troughs and tends to last a year or maybe more. Be careful with this as it is a tricky place to inject. And don’t overdo it. Tear-tough implants are a permanent option which effectively reshapes the bone giving support to the overlying soft tissues. This is an excellent option for young people because of its great stability over time. It is also removable in the unlikely event that your opinion changes in the future. Fat transfer is another option but stability over time is very unlikely, especially in a young person