Today’s question is if you can use Juvederm to treat lower eyelid wrinkles, and the answer to that is “no.” Lower eyelid skin is extremely delicate and very thin. Then any injection into that skin to try and fill a wrinkle would result in irregularities, lumpiness, and you would probably be able to see the the skin and it might look sort of blueish. Instead though, you can use Restylane, Juvederm, and other hyaluronic acid fillers in the lower eyelid to correct what’s called a tear trough.

A tear trough is that hollowing that occurs right along here, and it throws a shadow that a lot of times people will say looks like you have a dark circle under your eye.

Now that’s not a problem with the skin, that’s a problem of the bone and fatty anatomy in that area. When we’re injecting Restylane into the tear trough, it’s not going in the skin or even under the skin but rather down deep on the bony layer where there is fat and muscle between it and the skin.

In this way the product ends up being very smooth and there’s no color alteration of the skin. If you’d like to treat wrinkles of the lower eyelids, occasionally Botox will be able to treat that in a non-healing sort of way, but generally speaking when the wrinkles occur on the lower eyelids, you need to do laser resurfacing or a chemical peel which does require some healing time. Thank you.