I am in my mid twenties and considering having a skin pinch done under my eyes to correct slightly loose skin and wrinkling. I have heard however that surgically tightened skin loses some of its elasticity and which causes the skin to loosen again with time, more quickly than if nothing had been done. This would mean having to redo the operation every few years to maintain the results, and ending up with a “pulled” look. Is this true or false?

Dr. A’s Answer:
Skin looses elasticity with time, sun exposure, over distention (massive weight gain/pregnancy), and other environmental factors. A skin pinch won’t change elasticity. However, one skin pinch will probably fail to make you look any better. As a 20 something year old, any kind of skin removal surgery from the lower eyelids is most likely going to be a zero gain. Furthermore, however unlikely, you risk a complication that would make you look worse. I suggest you avoid skin removal surgery from your lower eyelids.

Instead, protect what you have with good skin care habits, don’t smoke, and stay out of the sun.