Dr. A’s Answer:
Restylane is used to fill what is called the “tear-trough”. This is the groove in the lower eyelid below the bulging fat (“bag”). The darkness you see in that area is often the result of the shadow that is cast by overhead lighting. Filling that area so that the groove is gone will correct that shadow. However, many people also have pigment in that skin (melanin) or a purple hue as a result of the quality of the skin, allergies, or other issues. This will not be fixed with a filler. In fact, filler in some people can make that worse, especially if it is placed too superficial. Looking at your photos, your bags and tear-trough are advanced. You really should consider surgery. Restylane is limited in the amount of filling that it can successfully accomplish without creating other problems. Usually 1/2 cc per side is about the max and that will not be enough for your tear-troughs.