Dr. A’s Answer:
Lip implanting has a sordid past. Over the years there have been many brands and styles. It wasn’t until I started using Surgisil Implants that I embraced the procedure. These implants are made of silastic and have a “gummy bear” feel. The procedure itself takes only 20 minutes and you can drive yourself home. Surgisil lip implants are quite easy to remove and return your lip to its pre-surgical shape/size should you change your mind.

You can upsize or downsize the implants. Bruising and swelling are mild. The procedure is done through a tiny little incision that typically leaves no discernible scar. Kissing partners don’t feel the implant, however you can feel the implant if you grasp or chew on your lip. I have never seen an implant get infected, but should an infection occur, it is possible that permanent damage to your lip could result.