What is the best option for tightening the jawline for the very beginning of jowls? I am only 43 and have been told that I am not ready for any type of facelift however, I don’t like the appearance of my lower face. I have tried Thermage twice and it has not produced the effect I had hoped for.

Dr. A’s Answer:
At 40 years old and a touch of jowls, I would recommend camouflage techniques such as Radiesse. This often works well, is safe, and does not hinder your ability to do other procedures in the future. It does not surprise me that you are dissatisfied with Thermage, I don’t believe I have ever met a patient who was. I would encourage you to avoid all of the various machines that claim to provide a facelift without surgery, patients rarely see the promised changes, or even any change at all for that matter. At your age I encourage you to be conservative.