Considering the fragility and the sensitivity of the skin area, is Botox a recommended option?

Dr. A’s Answer:

Botox in the Lips:

Treating “smokers” lines in the lips is best done with a multi-modality approach. Botox alone is not likely to give you a satisfactory result. I suggest as a primary treatment using injectable fillers (Restylane) and then adding very small amounts of Botox as an adjunct. Treating creases in the lips should be left to someone who has a great deal of skill and experience as you will likely be unsatisfied otherwise.

To be effective, Botox in the lip needs to be done in much smaller amounts and at a much shorter interval than other areas. For example, you might treat the upper lip with a total of 5 units every 6 weeks. Fillers on the other hand typically only need to be repeated in this area once per year or maybe less, especially if you maintain your Botox.

When you ask “is it safe”, the answer is certainly yes. There would not be any permanent harm as a result of a poorly done treatment. You could end up over treated which would certainly be annoying, embarrassing, and challenging, but it would wear off. It is best to err on the side of under treatment. Returning after one week for a little more is better than having to wait a month to get control of your lip back!