Lunchtime Procedures

When considering facial plastic surgery, there are plenty of options to choose from. Not all procedures have to be invasive. In fact, in recent years, noninvasive procedures have become very popular alternatives to the more invasive procedures such as rhinoplasty and facelifts.

Dr. Louis William Apostolakis, M.D., offers a range of “lunchtime” procedures for clients who are hoping to look great quickly, including:


Botox is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Botox is mostly used as a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that alleviates the appearance of facial wrinkles, helps out with involuntary eye twitching, and can improve the appearance of lazy eye.

Botox was approved for use by the FDA for cosmetic treatments in 2002, and has become a widely used cosmetic procedure by 10’s of millions of people since then. A series of small Botox injections into the specific facial muscles that cause wrinkles results in immobilization of those muscles and reduces the appearance of facial creases.


Dysport is made of the same core protein as the Botox injection and has been gaining popularity since its approval of use by the FDA in 2009. It’s affects are very similar to Botox but has the advantage of taking effect in hours rather than days. Also some head-to-head studies published in Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery have shown a patient and physican preference for Dysport as compared to Botox when treating Crow’s feet area.

Wrinkle Fillers

There are several types of wrinkle-fillers, but the most commonly used filler materials include hyaluronic acid (Restylane/Perlane/Juvederm) and calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse). As you age, the dermis layer of your skin forms fiber networks which provide a frame that lets your body know where to reproduce cells and connective tissues. This layer is largely made up of collagen. Wrinkle-fillers work by stimulating regrowth of those collagen networks as well as by directly filling those creases.

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